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Interactively visit inaccessible places.

Not able to travel to your favorite destination?

We offer a solution in which you can use your Virtual Reality Headset to be able to go on a live city tour. The guide will take you on a virtual tour to the most beautiful places. The perfect way to be able to enjoy the beauty of the world, with digital convenience. 

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Live VIrtual Tour

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Perfect for users who want to experience the 360° city tours in the best possible quality.

*Cancel your subscription any time you like on a monthly basis. 

Live virtual tours - How does it work?

1. Register

Create a personal account and subscribe to gain access to all virtual tours available with your own VR headset. 

2. Book your live tour

You can choose between various European capital cities and other inhospitable places around the world. Book an available time slot with your favorite guide.

3. Enjoy the experience

The guide provides information on the surroundings and tourist attractions. You are easily able to ask questions and express your personal preferences to personalize the tour. 

Browse through all live tours

On our platform you have a wide range of tours available:

  • Go on a museum tour through Rome
  • Visit the highlights of London
  • Enjoy the rich history of Amsterdam
  • A more extreme tour through Chernobyl
  • A city tour in Wuhan, China


No, you need a virtual reality headset to be able to go on our live tours so that you can fully immersive yourself in the experience. 

There is a microphone built into the VR-headset. You press the ‘microphone-button’ and you can talk to the guide.

The tours are all given in English. However, as the tours are being provided by natives that know all about their city, most of them are not native English speakers. 

All VR headsets are compatible for live VR tours. All models ranging from Oculus, Sony, HTC as well as mobile VR headsets. 

Yes! When you and a family member, partner or friend is in possession of a VR headset, you are able to watch the tour together at the same time. If there is only access to 1 VR headset, you can choose to stream the video depending on the device that you are using.